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  • Organic Darkest Cacao Truffles
    $17.95 Organic Darkest Cacao Truffles
    (5.5oz, about 9 truffles)  Living Raw™ Organic Darkest Cacao Truffles are exquisitely delicious, and sure to satisfy even the darkest choco-holic. Unrefined, creamy cacao rolled with a hint of vanilla is topped...
  • Organic Coconut Truffles
    $17.95 Organic Coconut Truffles
    (5.5oz, about 9 truffles)  Living Raw™ Organic Coconut Truffles are alive with the purest ingredients nature has to offer. Our decadent, unrefined chocolate is gently rolled in rich coconut, with special care...
  • Double Trouble
    $30.95 Double Trouble
    (2 - 5.5oz, about 9 truffles each)  For those of you who have fallen in love with our exquisitely delicious RAW hand rolled Organic Darkest Cacao truffles, this double pack is for you...
  • Truffle Love
    $30.95 Truffle Love
    (2 - 5.5oz, about 9 truffles each)   Can't decide? Try our Truffle Love two pack. You'll receive a full size each of our Organic Coconut Truffles and our Organic Darkest Cacao truffles...
  • Truffle Party Pack
    $34.95 Truffle Party Pack
    (6 - 1.64oz, 3 truffles each)   Time to liven up your day with our Truffle Party Pack!  You will recieve six individual bags containing three truffles each.  Three bags of our...

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