Missions We Support

At Living Raw, we feel blessed beyond measure for our opportunity, abundance of love, and freedom. We feel it a call to help the helpless and give a voice to those who don’t have one. Here at Living Raw, we support two Missions dear to our hearts: Matumaini’s Mission and Operation Underground Railroad

Matumaini’s Mission helps the people in a  small village of Rwanda.  We personally know the founder of Matumaini’s Mission and can see first hand the honest work they do for the many orphaned children and widows living in extreme hardship. Despite all their suffering, these women and children praise God for their blessings and express gratitude in all things, a noble sentiment and example that gives love back to the world.

Operation Underground Railroad rescues children from human trafficking. They work with the governments of different nations to rescue exploited children and place them in orphanages that provide not only physical care, but the emotional help they need to rehabilitate and truly live. 

Both of these missions give life in different ways to those in need. At Living Raw, we understand that even one generation can change the world, and much of the rising generation needs our help. 

Let us lift the heads that hang low and hold the hands that need support, and may they never walk alone.

Much Love,

Ginger and TJ 

http://www.matumainismission.org/ | Matumaini's Mission on Facebook