NEW! Original Oat Granola - 3 pack or Full Case w/10% OFF

We are excited to bring you our new and first to Market Sprouted and Fermented Granola.  In Loving Collaboration with Fermented Farmer of Tennessee, we bring you three amazing flavors of a truly one of a kind granola. Fermenting foods has been used through the millennia for preservation and probiotic use.  After first sprouting and second fermenting our final step is low temperature dehydration to persevere the delicate enzymes and nutrients.

Sprouting Allows raw nuts and seeds to come to life.  The natural process of soaking nuts and seeds in water allows for the germination and sprouting process to begin. Through sprouting, the bio-availability of minerals and nutrients increase.

The process of fermentation goes one step further by unlocking nutrients and energy in our food, as well as adds probiotics that we can not get anywhere else.  After sprouting, we ferment our ingredients in kefir water, which is  a vegan probiotic liquid full of beneficial bacteria. Through fermenting, the natural process of breaking down food is started for you, elevating the bodies ability to absorb and use the unlicked bio-available nutrients.